What is The Brilliant Breakfast?

The Brilliant Breakfast is an annual, nationwide event. The funds raised help The Prince's Trust support disadvantaged young women to change their lives for the better, through education or meaningful employment. Together, we can bring hope and opportunity to those who have lost confidence in their future.

Pick a date between 10th and 16th October 2022. If you need to host either side of this week, that's not a problem.

Work, a café, the kitchen table or virtual, wherever suits you best.

Who do I invite?
Whoever you like; friends, family, colleagues or clients. Everyone is welcome!

How do I fundraise?
Invite your guests and share your fundraising page so that they can make a donation before your Brilliant Breakfast. If your guests can't attend, they can still donate! To donate on the day, you can print your personal QR code or send a link to your fundraising page.

Is there a minimum donation?
No donation is too small and everyone is welcome. Together we can change young women's lives.

Founder of
The Brilliant Breakfast

Annoushka Ducas MBE

Annoushka is a jewellery designer, creative director and entrepreneur who founded British jewellery companies Links of London and Annoushka. She is a keen supporter of fostering female talent in business and is a Patron of the Women Supporting Women initiative for The Prince's Trust.

Annoushka developed the concept of a nationwide breakfast event to raise awareness and funding for The Prince's Trust after recognising how many young women, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, need a lifeline to support them into education and employment; only now exacerbated by the challenges caused by Covid and the impending cost of living crisis.

"Over the last two years we have made a strong start by raising £1.17m for The Prince's Trust which has helped young women gain the confidence and skills they need to go into education, work or training. This year we are more motivated than ever to help vulnerable young women and are absolutely thrilled to have Waitrose on board as our Headline Partner to help us get more people involved across the UK."

Annoushka Ducas MBE

Where does your
money go?

Disadvantaged young women need our support. Young women starting their working lives today have faced disruption to their employment and education, as well as social isolation from family and friends. For many who were already vulnerable before the pandemic – whether facing long-term unemployment, mental health issues, challenges at home or difficulties at school, or even homelessness – they can see no way out.

Kayanne experienced homelessness after being made redundant and her relationship breaking down, but with help from The Prince’s Trust Get into Customer Service programme, she has been able to transform her life.

By hosting a Brilliant Breakfast, you can help The Prince’s Trust to provide these young women with the confidence and opportunities they need to improve their prospects and transform their lives.

£10 could teach one young woman how to manage her money with a budgeting session.
£50 could ensure one young woman can travel to work in the month before her first pay cheque.
£100 could buy the equipment that opens up a lifelong career for one young woman on the margins of society, for example to become a chef, hairdresser or nail technician.