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Thanks to support from our partners, The Brilliant Breakfast has raised over £2million since 2020, helping thousands of young women live, learn and earn.

You could help make the future brighter for young women by becoming a partner of The Brilliant Breakfast.

Become part of a female focused community

Holding a Brilliant Breakfast not only raises awareness of, and funds for, disadvantaged young women, it provides an opportunity for you to have forward-focused conversations about gender equality with your colleagues. It’s an immediate way to put your equity, diversity and inclusion policies into practice.

We can achieve more together

Young women have bourne the brunt of the cost-of-living crisis and the pandemic before it. 69% of low-paid and insecure jobs are held by women, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds especially have fallen through the cracks.

When it comes to supporting young women to succeed, we can achieve more together than we can on our own. The Prince’s Trust has built expertise in supporting young women from disadvantaged communities and those facing adversity by giving them the confidence and skills to live, learn and earn. ​

Brilliant Breakfast Partners

Being a partner of The Brilliant Breakfast campaign helps us to drive the Prince's Trust strategy to support more young women, and provides you with additional company benefits.

Supporting Partner

Donate £5,000 to The Brilliant Breakfast campaign to drive real change for young women.

By becoming a Supporting Partner of the Brilliant Breakfast, you will not only be showcasing your commitment to young women, but you will also receive these additional perks:

  • Access to one of our experienced Prince's Trust Youth Development Leads or account managers as a speaker at your event.
  • Your company will also gain exclusive access to a Prince's Trust networking event.
  • Receive high-quality content for your breakfast event.
  • Have your logo featured on The Prince's Trust website.
  • Get valuable annual report content that showcases your impact by partnering with The Brilliant Breakfast.
Official Partner

Donate £5,000 to The Brilliant Breakfast campaign to drive real change for young women, plus a £10,000 + VAT sponsorship package to elevate your company's profile.

By becoming an Official Partner of the Brilliant Breakfast, you will not only receive all the benefits of a supporting partner, you will also:

  • Receive access to a Prince's Trust Young Ambassador or senior sponsor speaker where possible.
  • Have your logo featured on emails and on the footer of The Brilliant Breakfast website.
  • Receive prominent social media coverage and highlight reports.

Choose our Brilliant Breakfast sponsorship to experience the ultimate package for corporate exposure. Email us today.

Put your EDI policies into action by holding a Brilliant Breakfast

The Brilliant Breakfast campaign also provides a perfect opportunity to share information on your own gender initiatives - from celebrating your female leaders to promoting female mentorship schemes.​ Every year, organisations like yours across the UK use the Brilliant Breakfast to celebrate how successful women can be with the right support, opportunities and role models.

"Our event was really well attended, there was a lot of excitement following our Brilliant Breakfast on how else can we help The Prince's Trust and the work you are doing. This had a real purpose behind, it is more than a breakfast. It has a real meaning and also consequences that will be felt beyond that in terms of being able to financially support this event and see the positive repercussions that has in society."

Franklin, Head of Entrepreneurs, Coutts

Driving our strategy to support young women

By becoming a partner of The Brilliant Breakfast, you’ll be driving The Prince’s Trust strategy to:

Ensure that 50% of the young people we support are young women, broadening our reach where there is currently a gap in representation​.

Be flexible and run specific programmatic themes to inspire young women​.

Provide interventions such as childcare grants through Development Awards to help remove barriers to female participation​.

Get some inspiration!

Shout about your commitment to young women

Share the news of your incredible generosity in making a commitment to young women, and encourage other organisations to stand up and support. You can find everything you might need to help talk about your Brilliant Breakfast on our resources page. We can't wait to see you sharing your involvement!

Event pack

Partners of The Brilliant Breakfast receive an event pack full of lots of content to help you plan your event, including videos, case studies, presentation templates and so much more. If you’ve already signed up and haven’t yet received this pack, let us know.